Some Google Maps users think they’ve found a UFO in Hawaii

A Google Maps car has captured a curious image from Hawaii’s most famous beach.

Pedro Ramirez stumbled upon this mysterious image while virtually walking down the beautiful Punalu’u Black Sand Beach. Overhead, nested in the clouds over the palm trees, was a small black unidentifiable blur: a UFO! And as luck would have it, Pedro Ramirez is in fact a ufologist.

So, he got to work on how to explain this blur. By enlarging the image, he came to the conclusion that it was the silhouette of a spaceship built by an advanced extra-terrestrial community. And, of course, this Hawaiian beach is right next to a volcano! His video has been a hit among ufologists.

To add to the mystery the volcano erupted not long before the sighting of the UFO leading Ramirez to belive that extraterrestrials had masterminded the event. He told the Daily Star:

We know UFOs are present in areas with volcanic activity and Kilauea is no exception. This is confirmed by the extraordinary capture of Google Maps achieved from Punalum'u Black Sand Beach, located a few kilometres from the volcano. In the images we can seen an 'Ovni Oval' on the palm trees facing the sea, the dark tone of the object contrasts perfectly with the grey sky.

But on the internet, people seem less convinced by his theory. For common mortals, this strange black blur is nothing more than a bit of dust on the Google car’s camera lens or even just a drone. An explanation that is much less out of this world!

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