How one man tricked TikTok users into wetting themselves on camera

One man satirical man decided the most entertaining thing he could do was trick social media users into wetting themselves on camera in a for a TikTok challenge... and it worked.

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The #PeeYourPantsChallenge on TikTok brings social commentary to a new level, questioning just how far people will go in an effort to achieve conformity.

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The challenge was started by TikTok user Liam Weyer back in April and has since been taking off online. In his video, Weyer wets his pants in front of his bathroom mirror and challenges others to do the same. The 19-year-old revealed to Insider that he was surprised the trend caught on:

I am definitely surprised that the challenge actually became a trend, I created the challenge as a parody of the other challenges that have gone viral on the internet in an attempt to show how pointless they are.

Weyer claimed he created the video in an effort to be sarcastic but it was just so silly it caught on like wildfire. One replication of the challenge even has two friends peeing their pants themselves next to each other, maybe it's time people try out hobbies that don't involvesocial media:

I am surprised to see that people on the internet will pee themselves if you call it a challenge and add a hashtag.

Weyer's original video was taken down but combined with the re-uploaded versions the video has already gained over 4 million views.

The 19-year-old actually has future career goals in the entertainment industry and is not worried about the effects of the video on his reputation:

I personally am not worried about this event's effect on my online presence. I am a filmmaker/comedian, which is a unique profession to be in when it comes to the media. For others however, it is possible that they may regret their posts, especially if it comes to have an effect on their real life.
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