She Left Her Phone With Her Two-Year-Old Daughter and Immediately Regretted It

We all know we should never let our children play with our cell phones, right? Isabella learned this lesson the hard way. When she let her two-year-old daughter play with her smartphone for a few seconds, the mother would've never imagined that she would receive a brand new sofa three days later...

The mother told local news outlet NBC San Diego that she had no idea what had happened:

I said, 'What? My couch has shipped?' I didn’t remember ordering a couch! I was just so shocked. I thought, 'Did I buy a couch in my sleep?'

Although she can laugh about it now, Isabella was very worried at first. How could she have forgotten that she bought a sofa? Well, the simple answer is: it was her two-year-old daughter Rayna who placed the order on Amazon. A new pearl-grey sofa that costs 430 dollars (about 330 pounds).

Here's what happened. As the mom was shopping around for a sofa on Amazon, her teeny toddler walked up to her, asking her for her cell phone so she could play with it. After several requests, Isabella finally gave in, leaving her precious smartphone with her daughter for a few minutes.

Rayna unintentionally reopened the Amazon app and pressed the 'Buy Now With 1-Click' button. At the click of a finger, voilà, the sofa was purchased.

A few days later, while she was at work, Isabella received a text message notification regarding the delivery of her sofa. And it was far too late to cancel the order. The next day, she had a big cardboard box on her front lawn.

The mother tried to send it back to Amazon, but the exorbitant shipping and restocking fees made her decide otherwise. She would have had to pay nearly £140 to return the couch. So, instead, she tried to put it up for sale on several websites…

Until Amazon heard her story. They decided to give her a refund, but let her keep the couch! The company said she could keep the couch or donate it, or have Amazon help her with the removal of the couch. An Amazon rep also told the mom the 1-Click feature had been turned off for her account.

All's well that ends well we suppose!

Two-year-old orders £316 couch on amazon using her mum's phone Two-year-old orders £316 couch on amazon using her mum's phone