She Asked Tinder for Her Personal Data and the Amount of Information They Had Was Terrifying

How much do social networks know about us? This Tinder user's experiment yielded some pretty scary results...

You may already be aware of this, but every time you connect to a platform like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it tracks your personal information.

Tinder is watching you

All of these platforms, which know a hell of a lot about you, gather valuable information daily, allowing them to target your preferences, your consumer profile and even your psychological profile.

This was verified by a French journalist and Tinder user, who recently contacted the platform to request a report of the information they've gathered about her during her time spent on the social network. And the result left her speechless.

A few days later, the American company gave her a large 800-page file that summarizes nearly three years of usage, during which Julie Duportail garnered 870 matches and 1,700 messages, as reported by the young journalist in an article she wrote for the Guardian.

More than private data

When she read the file, the young woman says she felt very embarrassed and uncomfortable knowing that Tinder had this very private information about her. Documentation regarding her Facebook and Instagram accounts, how often she connected to the app, the ages of the people she was interested in... All the data concerning the user was thoroughly detailed.

This got the journalist thinking, sadly, there may no longer be a difference 'between her virtual life and her real life.' The Netflix documentary 'The Great Hack' also outlined Professor David Carroll's fight to reclaim his data with the help of the UK's ICO.

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