Pornhub's Surprising Valentine's Day Gift For February 14th
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Pornhub's Surprising Valentine's Day Gift For February 14th

Pornhub's Surprising Valentine's Day Gift For February 14th

By James Guttridge

For several years now, the pornographic content website has been trying to halt the decline in traffic on February 14th by offering free premium services.

Single on Valentine's Day? The adult content website Pornhub has announced an 'exceptional' offer for February 14th: its premium offer will be free for all interested internet users, all day long. As the GQ site, which is relaying an article from its Mexican site, says: the idea is mainly to 'counter the drop in its audience on this 'lovers' night.' Pornhub has been trying to do this for several years by offering tempting offers.

Videos in 4K

As many videos are already free on Pornhub, what is the advantage of being able to access premium content without having to pay for it? To start with, it is a matter of enjoying exclusive videos, usually intended for subscribers, as well as the 4K offer, i.e. videos with exceptional resolution. The price of a regular premium subscription? Almost the same price as Netflix, i.e. £9,99 per month.

To promote this, Pornhub used the now landmark sequence of Nancy Pelosi tearing up Donald Trump's speech. In a completely different direction, they also used the XXX actress Asa Akira, who is very famous, especially for her numerous tattoos.

'I would honestly choose to spend my Valentine's Day with Asa Akira rather than anyone else,' wrote Pornhub's Twitter account. 'At least you'll get access to Premium for free.'

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