Over 250 People Have Died Taking Selfies In The Last 7 Years

It's a fact: since 2011, more than 250 people have died taking a selfie.

Over 250 People Have Died Taking Selfies In The Last 7 Years
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Did you know: you are more likely to die taking a selfie than from a shark attack. In six years, more than 250 people have lost their lives due to a banal selfie, and the number of deaths is increasing over the years.

More dangerous than you think

Whilst they can sometimes save lives, selfies also kill a lot. Between October 2011 and November 2017, the 'Journal of Family Medecine and Primary Care' recorded 259 deathsbecause of a simple selfie. They came to this conclusion after analyzing the world's press with simple keywords, such as 'selfie accident,' 'dead selfie' or 'dead and mobile.' The worst thing is that the number of deaths continues to increase over the years, there were 3 deaths in 2011, 50 in 2015 and 93 in 2017! The average age of the victims is between 22 and 23 years old. The most affected countries are India, which accounts for 50% of deaths, followed by Russia, the United States - because of the firearms that star in selfies - and Pakistan. The study also specifies that the causes of deaths related to selfies are drownings and transport accidents.

The solution: a 'no-selfie zone'

The researchers proposed a simple solution, to stop the mortality rate rising still further. They want to introduce places called 'no selfies zones,' an effective device to ban selfies. ‘The selfies themselves are not dangerous, but the human behaviour that people are taking selfies is.’ Individuals need to be educated of certain risky behaviours and dangerous places where selfies are taken, said the study.