Optical Illusion: Satan's Face Mysteriously Appears On This Shark

At the Calypso Star Charters Centre in Australia, photos were taken of a particularly photogenic shark and in one of the pictures, you can very clearly see the face of the devil. Needless to say, this scary image quickly went viral on social media.

There is an abundance of photos and videos of sharks on social media nowadays. This is not so surprising, since this animal is both fascinating and frightening. And not long ago, divers from the Calypso Star Charters Centre in Australia took quite a strange photograph to add to the collection.

The reincarnation of Satan

Very quickly, the photo went viral. The image, which was shared on September 15, 2018, shows an upside-down shark floating in the depths of the ocean. The body and mouth form a rather strange shape that may just look a bit familiar to you.

Perspective! Can you see the joker face in this photo of an upside-down shark?

Several hypotheses and theories

This post quickly gathered around 20,000 likes and once photographers and divers started to share the photo, it quickly amassed more than 100,000 likes. In the comments, many users shared what they saw and obviously, for most users, they saw the devil, or Satan.

‘All I see is a laughing devil!’, ‘Looks like the devil’ as well as ‘It looks like a demonic face’ were just a few comments left by internet users.

But others have much stranger theories. Some people believe the face looks like the ‘Joker’, Batman’s sworn enemy, and others think it looks like some kind of demon from Japanese tales. Surprising? Probably not as surprising as one internet user who claims to see Pikachu… But what about you? What do you see?

Optical illusion: Is the man in this optical illusion facing you or in profile? Optical illusion: Is the man in this optical illusion facing you or in profile?