Very few people can actually guess how many animals there are in this optical illusion

This enigma may strain your nerves. It will take a lot of patience and observation for you to get it right. Ready to take on the challenge?

Man befuddled
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Man befuddled

Optical illusions can be both very annoying and a lot of fun. This is the case with the one we present to you here. If you feel ready to face this puzzle, take a deep breath and arm yourself with patience, you will probably need a lot of it.

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How many animals do you see?

The following image has become very popular on social media as it is nearly impossible to find the complete solution to this puzzle without some help. It is a drawing representing several animals nested into one another, often very well camouflaged.

This is what the drawing looks like. If you already find more than six on the first try, that's a fine attempt. But know that you will still be far from the mark. So how many animals do you see in this picture?

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Some clues to help you out

So how many did you find? Six? More? Congratulations! But you probably still have a few left to spot. Aside from the elephant (we hope you saw it), focus on the details that make up each animal.

Assume that almost every part of their body is made up of another animal. This should help you a good deal. How many animals have you counted now? Eight? Ten? More? All right, we'll give you the solution then.

Here's how many animals can be found

End of the suspense and well done for all your efforts. It turns out that in total, 13 animals are hidden on this puzzle filled with optical illusions. Astonishing isn't it? But where are they?

  1. Elephant: this one, we are sure you had it
  2. Donkey: white, bottom centre of the image
  3. Dog: black, under the donkey
  4. Cat: white, under the dog
  5. Mouse: black, under the cat
  6. Shrimp: white, between the elephant's two front legs
  7. Hen: white, formed by the ears of the donkey
  8. Crocodile: black, it forms the lower part of the elephant's mouth
  9. Dolphin: black, it is in fact the trunk of the elephant
  10. Fish: subtle, it replaces the elephant's eye
  11. Turtle: this time it replaces the elephant's ear
  12. Dragonfly: this is perhaps the hardest to find, it is drawn in white and marks the top border of the elephant's hind leg, just above the donkey's hindquarters
  13. Snake: finally, it simply forms the tail of the elephant

If you had half of it, that's already great, don't worry. For more puzzles like this, you can try to figure out why this woman's legs terrified the world or find this leopard hidden in a photo. Have fun!

Only 5% Of People Can Figure Out This Optical Illusion Only 5% Of People Can Figure Out This Optical Illusion