Optical illusion: No one can figure out who is hugging whom

The photo of a couple embracing one another is putting everyone’s wits to the test to figure out what is going on.

The World Wide Web is very confused after the publication of a snapshot that went viral. The photo features two people who are cuddling. Nothing unusual about that, so far. However, nobody has been able to discern who is embracing who. It's the new optical illusion that is driving everyone crazy.

Who is hugging whom?

This is neither the first nor the last optical illusion that emerges on the Internet. Regularly, Internet users are tearing their hair in front of optical illusionsof all kinds. You probable remember two-tone dress that was dividing the web. Was it white and gold or blue and black? The mystery prevails...

Now, a new mystery has come up: the picture of a couple embracing.

In the image, we see a person sitting, the other standing, one wearing white jeans and heels, the other wearing a pink plaid shirt. Except that, when we look more closely, the man seems to be wearing heels. It's difficult at first glance to discern who is hugging the other.

The solution

The photo has already been around the Web and many Internet users have focused on this new puzzle. The solution is really simple. If at first glance, we think that the man is hugging his friend, it is in fact the opposite. The man is sitting and he is not wearing heels. It's the woman who embraces him, her head over his shoulder. Make way for the next puzzle!

Only 5% Of People Can Figure Out This Optical Illusion Only 5% Of People Can Figure Out This Optical Illusion