One innocent spa mistake left her completely exposed

One day, a woman was at a spa retreat when she had one of the worst experiences of her life. You'll bet it won’t be so easy for her to forget either.

The woman in this story was enjoying her dream holiday with her boyfriend in Germany when one day, they decided to go to a spa to enjoy the hot waters and steamy sauna. As is the case with many spas, you have to wear your bathing suit in the pool areas, but these suits are optional for the sauna.

A sorry decision

After spending time in the pool, she decided to enjoy a nice hot steam. She stripped off, grabbed a small towel and then went off in search of the sauna. But she made a mistake and accidentally walked into the men’s changing room. However, this isn’t the best part of the story.

Realising her mistake, she hurried back out and went straight through one of the doors in front of her. However, this wasn’t the right door either and she ended up in the fire exit stairwell instead.Trapped and naked!

A game of embarassment hot potato

The worst part was that the door couldn’t be opened from the outside and nobody knew where she was to go looking for her. She screamed for help, but no one could hear her. She ran, naked, down the fire exit stairwell while still trying to attract people’s attention and deciding which part of her body to cover up with the small towel.

Finally, she was spotted by a security camera and an employee came to her rescue, However, her ordeal didn’t end there since the only way to get back into the spa area was to walk through reception. We bet this experience won’t be so easy for her to forget!

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