Mercedes Gets Painted in Poop After Illegally Parking on Farmers Land in Cornwall
Mercedes Gets Painted in Poop After Illegally Parking on Farmers Land in Cornwall
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Mercedes Gets Painted in Poop After Illegally Parking on Farmers Land in Cornwall

With the warm weather come sun-seekers and beach goers... despite the current pandemic these are the exact parameters that caused this situation in Cornwall, England to unfold.

Despite current regulation and advice from healthcare officials, lots of people this past weekend ignored social distancing guidelines and flocked to the beaches to soak in some sun during the record-breaking heat that has been blasting Cornwall with sunshine and warm weather during the last couple months.

People saw this past weekend as the perfect opportunity to head to the beaches for a swim and bathe in the sun for a short while before returning to the reality or quarantine and social distancing that has become our lives since the introduction of the coronavirus anti-spreading measures set in place by governments across the globe.

So many people had this ingenious idea that apparently there wasn't even enough parking space near the beach or on the road. That's when the owner of this Mercedes-Benz C-Class compact premium sedan decided to take his chances and park on a farmer's field who was in the middle of spreading slurry (liquified poop).

In the video you can hear the farmer address the situation as he pans across his field over to show a parked black Mercedes directly in front of him:

Beach is nice and busy today - everyone social distancing, I suppose. That busy, they decided to park in the field, can see I was spreading slurry, I'm nearly finnished mate - and I'm not stoppin'

Clearly he is undeterred by the presence of this vehicle and continues on the path he's set in order to finish the work he needs to do. That being said it seems as though he takes a little joy in coating the shiny Mercedes in a layer of crap when he says:

I hope you have as much fun washing your car as I'm gonna have paintin' it for ya

We can only imagine the owner's displeasure when he came back from a nice day at the beach only to see that his Benz had been baking in the hot sun after being covered in a layer of poop. The video was posted on Twitter and has been seen over 800,000 times. Most comments are supportive of the farmer's actions stating he was justified in every way.

We hope this person and others who may have seen the video learn that they shouldn't use private property as their own personal parking lot, because you may not appreciate the repercussions.

By Eric Allen

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