Meet the Radfords: The biggest family in the UK with 22 children

The Radfords are the biggest family in the UK with 22 children. Now, the famous family have announced they will be starring in another TV series.

The strange story of the Radford family has gone viral and has become very well-known for being the biggest family in the whole of the United Kingdom.

44-year-old Sue Radford has 22 children after giving birth again just this year. The parents who have given birth to the largest number of offspring never imagined that they would one day have the largest family in Great Britain.

A new television programme

Since attracting masses of attention with their documentary 15 Kids and Counting, the Radford family has announced they will be starring in a new tv series. The family released some information about the new show in a Q&A earlier this year, but confirmed that the new show was not being done through Channel 4. Sue dished to her 188,000 subscribers stating 'we are currently filming a series.' Husband Noel chimed in stating:

This time it’s a three-part series. We started filming, but everything that was filmed is from us. They sent all the big cameras, the tripod, the Go-Pros, everything and all the interviews were done via Zoom.

Noel continued to add that the filming was more of a family project and wasn't professionally done:

I did the filming, Luke did a little filming, so I think when it gets on TV, you will certainly notice that it is not done professionally.

Sue chimed in, revealing that they didn't know when the series would be released but as it still isn't out, it looks as though it will be released in 2021:

Watch this space. We don’t know when it will be released. It could be at the end of the year, at the beginning of next year.
The Sun

Sue announced the news of her latest child herself on the internet

When Sue discovered the unusual news that she was expectingbaby number 22, the word quickly went viral and the sweet little Heidie Rose. was born in April.

Sue and Noel Radford had their first childwhen Sue was just 14. Noel decided to have a vasectomy after baby number nine was born. However, he later decided to have the operation reversed so they could continue having children.

The family manages to survive thanks to Noel’s job and income as a baker, but they also rely on a small amount of child support that they receive from the government. Although they have quite a positive outlook on life and manage to get by with what they have, the truth is that they end up spending more than £300 a week on food alone.

But this isn’t exactly surprising since their family is so huge. As well as having 11 sons and 10 daughters of their own, the parents also have three grandchildren and two dogs. And now there’s another little one running around!

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