Man Gives the Finger to a Speed Camera and His Fine is Multipled by 75

A rude motorist was hit with a huge fine in Germany for flipping off a speed camera that had just caught him.

This incident occurred in the Upper Franconian region of Germany just days ago. A driver was caught at 50mph, 6mph over the speed limit, while at the wheel of his BMW SUV. No big deal - it happens right?

Except that he decided to flip off the camera the moment it caught him. The camera took a photo at this inopportune time, and this not very polite gesture was immortalised, as you can see in the video above.

The driver most likely regretted this gesture, since it cost him a lot of money. While the fine for speeding is £18, his fine came out to £1,350 because of his middle finger. If we do a quick calculation, that's an increase of 75 times. How is this possible? After checking the photographs, the police officers decided to file a complaint for contempt…

Check out more in the video above!

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