Guy Dyes His Moustache For Movember And Immediately Regrets It

One man from Wales hopes his mustache-dyeing-gone-wrong experience will remind others to listen to their mother’s and take a patch test before artificially thickening their facial hair.

Guy Dyes His Moustache For Movember And Immediately Regrets It
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Welcome to Movember—get ready for a collection of dodgy-looking moustaches, weak lines of upper lip fuzz, and thick strips of fur to take over men’s faces for the next few weeks.

Some men can emulate Tom Selleck and grow fantastic, thick moustaches, while others end up looking like a patchy-haired 15-year-old kid. Dominic Gibbons’ moustache mirrored a look resembling much more the latter.

So he decided to take matters into his own hands, and dye it, despite his mother’s warning to take a patch test:

My mum advised me to [take a patch test] because I had had a bad reaction to a henna tattoo when I was a kid.

What’s the one thing we all learn growing up? That mum is always right. However, Dominic went on to dye his moustache. He details the allergic reaction: “I went to work the next day and it started going red, and by the time Saturday came, it really was starting to show."

It also didn’t help that Dominic made a bet about football, lost, and had to jump into the canal, which helped to propel his reaction. He claims he ended up looking like a “Tweenie.” Want to see what Dominic looked like before and after dyeing his moustache? Take a look at our video.