'Gorilla Glue' woman who used glue instead of hair gel is finally free!

An American woman ran out of hair gel, so she decided to use glue instead, and she went viral.

Tessica Brown, an American influencer, has been in the media spotlight lately. The young woman uses styling gel in her hair on a daily basis. But one day, she ran out of gel and decided to use Gorilla Glue, an American glue brand that is ultra-resistant, instead.

The problem was that her hair was then stuck in place for a whole month. This is what she announced to her Instagram community on February 4th:

My hair has been stuck for a month now. Look, my hair doesn't move anymore! I’ve washed it fifteen times and it still doesn't move.

Tessica Brown tried several tricks that some of her followers suggested in order to get rid of the glue in her hair, but nothing worked. As a result, she had to go to the hospital. Tessica Brown posted a photo of herself in the A&E of St. Bernard Parish Hospital in Louisiana.

Hair glued together that led her to the emergency room

The Gorilla Glue brand reacted to this story, which very quickly went viral. They advised the young woman to use alcohol, but also feared that her hair was ‘broken at the root.’

So, the influencer told her story on her Instagram account. Tessica Brown visited St Bernard Parish Hospital (Louisiana) on February 6th. Unfortunately, the doctors there were unable to do anything for her.

On Wednesday, February 10th, Tessica Brown travelled to Beverly Hills to meet with a surgeon, Dr Michael Obeng, who heard her story and thought he could help her. The doctor offered to perform the operation free of charge, an operation valued at almost £9,000 according to TMZ.

On Thursday, February 11th, the young woman was finally able to regain use of her hair thanks to Dr Michael Obeng's intervention, who reassured the media:

The operation went well. Tessica is doing well and is awake.

Legal action forthcoming?

According to TMZ, which relayed this story, Tessica Brown could soon be suing the Gorilla Glue brand. The site reports:

The product's label states that it should not be used on the eyes, skin, or clothing... without any mention of hair, which Tessica believes is misleading.

Check out the video above for more about Tessica Brown’s hair misadventure, who did not fail to keep her followers informed!

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