At 4.3kg, this German claims he's got the biggest member in the world

Micha Stuntz stands out among the rest. He is actually the man with the biggest penis in the world.

Many people have heard of Robert Madlow, the tallest man in the world. But have you heard of the man with the biggest member in the world?

Nature didn’t really help

Micha Stuntz from Berlin has the largest penis in the world, but he was not born blessed with this gift. It all started when he got a penis pump for his 20th birthday. From that moment, he set out on his quest to reach his full potential, if you catch our drift. After decades of silicone injections, Micha possesses what Vice has so disgustingly coined ‘monster meat’.

Micha in the streets of Berlin Vice

The bigger the better?

Micha Stuntz even took his desire to have a huge penis even further by injecting extra silicone into it, which made his member swell to a good 22 centimetres long.

But what’s even more impressive than the length and 14-centimetre width of his penis is its weight, since it weighs in at an incredible 4.3kg. That means that he carries the same amount of weight as four and a half bags of flour between his legs.

But do women actually think this is a good thing? According to him, he has only ever been turned down by two women. But of course, his large member has also changed sex for him:

Women always find a big c**k better! After you reach a certain size, you can’t do certain things anymore. At least not with everyone and not without some foreplay. But there are other things you can do with it. You just have to free yourself from established roles and ideas about sex and be ready to play.

Pride and shame

He admitted to Vice that, in addition to feeling proud, he also feels a little ashamed of the massive size of his penis. He hopes that thoughts about penis enlargement won’t always be considered so controversial and negative.

I hope that changes soon because the difference really isn’t that big.

The only problem that he faces in his everyday life because of his large penis is finding pants and underwear that fit. The sooner men decide to follow in the footsteps of this Berliner, the sooner this problem will hopefully be solved. So hurry up and do your part!

(That was a joke. Please don't do this.)

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