This Woman Man An Incredibly Valuable Discovery After Watching A Youtube Tutorial

An American woman was surprised to find a diamond of nearly 4 carats, simply by following the advice given by a YouTube channel specialised in the search for gems.

Miranda Hollingshead is a lucky woman: this American from Texas found a diamond of about 4 carats, during a visit to a territory in Arkansas dedicated to the search for precious stones. This was her first visit to the place!

But even more surprising: Miranda Hollingshead is not a precious stone hunter: she managed to get the diamond thanks to a Youtube video!

YouTube, a real gold mine

It all started with a family visit planned by the 27-year-old woman, who wanted to do a fun and original activity. She, therefore, went to the ‘Diamond Crater,’ a park in the state of Arkansas known for the many diamond discoveries that have taken place over the past several years.

Taking a break, Miranda decided to watch a video on YouTube about diamonds. She then came across a channel of specialised videos on the subject.

But as she was looking at her smartphone, her eye was caught by a shiny object on the ground: she found a diamond mixed in with earth and stones right where she was sitting.

According to experts, the yellow and brown gemstone is estimated at about 3.7 carats and would have ended up on the ground after being transported by rainwater.

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The ‘Diamond Crater’ is therefore well named since, in addition to this discovery, many diamonds ranging between 1.5 and 2.12 carats have been discovered by previous visitors last few months.

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