After accidentally losing his AirPod he found it in the strangest of places

A young man swallowed his AirPods, Apple’s new wireless earphones, and what he discovered is both disturbing and hilarious! Check out the video to find out!

A young man from Taiwan had a surprise when, after having swallowed his AirPods, he realised something very peculiar about the device! Moreover, we can only presume that the device must have left his body in a natural way.

This surprising incident occurred in Taiwan. When young Taiwanese man, Ben Hsu fell asleep in his bed with his wireless earphones still in his ears, he awoke to find only the one earphone remaining.

In an attempt to find the missing earphone, the young man used a tracking App and soon realised that it was in the same room as him. After having heard the “beep” to signal its position, he began searching his bedroom from top to bottom…but to no avail. However, the young man eventually realised that the Apple earphone was, in fact, in his own stomach. The young Taiwanese man told the Daily Mail.

I checked under my cover, and I looked all around but I just couldn’t find it – then I realised that the sound was coming from my stomach.

After double-checking, Ben Hsu quickly rushed to the hospital. Once there, the doctors’ X-ray scans indeed confirmed the presence of an Airpod inside his stomach. In order to avoid surgery, the doctors advised him to wait for his body to naturally reject the device.

The following day, the young man recovered his earphone. He cleaned it with disinfectant and to his surprise, realised that it still had 41% charge! According to the doctor, Dr Chen Chieh-fan, the plastic which surrounds the speaker had reduced the risk of injuring his digestive system.

The man described the experience as absolutely “unbelievable”!

Check out the video above for more!

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