A new mysterious monolith has appeared in Britain and its creator has been revealed

Following the mysterious appearance of monoliths late last month in Utah, California and Romania, a fourth structure has been spotted in Compton Beach on the southwest coast of the Isle of Wight.

Britain is now home to the most recent sighting of bizarre reflective, structures popping up (and disappearing) randomly. Last month, a metal 10-feet structure was found in a remote part of Utah before being removed. A few days later, similar pillar-like structures were found in a Romanian forest and on a Californian mountaintop.

On Sunday afternoon, while taking a stroll down on Compton Beach, regular beachgoer, Lee Peckham, told CNN:

My wife and I were walking our dog on our favourite beach and saw the monolith. We hadn't heard about it at all but clearly others had as there were lots of people coming down to look at it.

Its creator has come forth

After it was revealed the anonymous collective called The Most Famous Artist was responsible for the monoliths in Utah and California, designer Tom Dunford has come forth to the BBC claiming to be the creator of the newest monolith. He explains having erected the structure purely for fun and that:

When I saw the first one pop up [in Utah] I thought it was brilliant, the second one popped up and I had a text from a friend which said 'you're the man that can do this on the island. I'm absolutely fascinated in futuristic design, science and space. The actual idea sparked when I was walking back to the office and we had an old sheet of mirrored perspex.

The beach is now being monitored to assure that there is no over crowding and potential risk of a corona virus outbreak. The designer says he will remove the structure in a few days.

Potential selling art piece

After posting an image of the monolith on Instagram, the Most Famous Artist sold the structure for £34 000. Perhaps this is the marketing strategy Mr. Dunford is going for now that he has amassed international exposure.

Check out the video above to see the mysterious structure yourself!

The mysterious monolith in Utah has disappeared and reappeared in...Romania? The mysterious monolith in Utah has disappeared and reappeared in...Romania?