A Drug Addict Was Given One Year To Live, But Life Had Other Plans

Caroline Best was just 35 years old when doctors gave her a year to live because of her addiction. But the young woman managed to turn her life around. A year later, she's barely recognizable...

A Drug Addict Was Given One Year To Live, But Life Had Other Plans
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When Caroline Best, a 35-year-old from Birmingham, checked into the hospital in horrible condition, doctors told her that she might only have a year left to live because her heart had suffered extensive damage from her years of drug abuse. Given her condition, surgery wasn't even an option.

The young woman paid for her habit by shoplifting and ended up in prison, where she continued to use drugs.

Caroline Best, back when she was a drug addict - Westmidlandspolice / Instagram

But what - or rather, who - saved her? PC Stuart Toogood, of West Midlands Police. The officer, who had previously arrested her, got her into a drug rehabilitation program.

Thanks to this drug rehab centre, she's been clean for a year now. The new Caroline Best is unrecognizable.

Caroline Best now

The young woman's heart is now in much better condition. She's extremely grateful to her saviour, to whom gave credit for her recovery in a Facebook post:

Thanks to Stuart Toogood, I'm now a productive member of society and I thank him for helping me do something I couldn't do on my own. I am living proof that we can recover.