This streamer caused some controversy after 'exposing herself' over Twitch

It is sometimes difficult to understand Twitch's policy regarding bans. Here is an example of a punishment that's inconsistent with the offence.

Twitch's policy looks strict on paper

For several years now, we have seen a hardening of Twitch's attitude towards the behaviour of their streamers. For example, saying certain words results in an instant and permanent ban. This is clearly a good thing in order to avoid anarchy. Even if this platform provides the possibility for a large number of people to offer video content, it is important to regulate behaviour.

Unfortunately, it seems that moderators sometimes have difficulty being consistent when it comes to their punishments. Some streamers have been banned for no good reason. In any case, it seems that the punishments can sometimes also be too lenient, as can be seen with this story.

She exposed herself while live and was banned for only three days

This story is about the MissBehavinOfficial streamer. During a nightly live performance on December 17th, she decided to show her genitals to her viewers for some reason another we'll know.

This confusing behaviour obviously violated many of the streaming platform’s rules. However, the person in question was only banned from Twitch for three days. This incomprehensible punishment then caused a lot of controversy on social networks. Even Neymar had been banned from Twitch at one point, which means that the moderators are on the lookout. Yet the platform has not yet commented on this incident. What is sure is that this story has been a big hit for the streamer who has since gained many followers.

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