Meet Gao Qian: Winner Of The Most Beautiful Bum In China

Years ago, she was voted as having the most beautiful bum in China. Ever since, Gao Qian's life has never been the same.

Gao Qian
© Gao Qian
Gao Qian

A couple years ago, a then 19-year-old Gao Qian backside was crowned the ‘most beautiful buttocks in China’ out of a group of 50 candidates from all four corners of the country. Looks like this girl may have some competition...

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Back then, she told the Daily Mail that she couldn’t even leave the house in leggings because people would surround her and point at her behind. She even says that she was forced to wear baggy clothing to ensure that she could keep a low profile when out in public.

Where is she now?

Her life has definitely changed since then! Years after taking home the gold for the ‘most beautiful buttocks in China’ Gao has developed quite the following due to her numerous impressive (and sexy) photos and videos of her drastic training sessions.

But that’s not all, she has also opened her own fitness centre in the town of Shenyang, where her followers push and shove to hear her precious advice. We're sure that's not the only reason the lines stretch out the door.

As for her private life, Gao was able to buy ‘the car of her dreams’ and a ‘mansion by the sea’. Imagine being able to live that life of luxury for 6 hours of training a day! And as you can tell from the video above, her hard work has definitely paid off.

As for what her family thinks about her claim to fame? 'My father gave me much encouragement after I signed up for the competition. My family also thinks it’s a very positive thing to do', Gao states. Well, to each their own!

After Being Voted ‘Most Beautiful Bum In China’, Gao Qian Reveals She Can’t Go Out In Leggings After Being Voted ‘Most Beautiful Bum In China’, Gao Qian Reveals She Can’t Go Out In Leggings