The Cast Of Even Stevens Are All Grown Up And This Is What They're Up To Now

The Cast Of Even Stevens Are All Grown Up And This Is What They're Up To Now

Even Stevens captured the hearts of many during its three-year run on Disney Channel, but what’s the cast up to now?

16 years ago we said goodbye to the ever-so mischevious Louis Stevens, his perfectionist older sister Ren, and the rest of the family.

It’s weird to think about a time when Shia LaBeouf wasn’t making headlines for doing weird things like spending 24 hours in an elevator for performance art, isn’t it? 

Well, before he got arrested for drunkenness and watched his own movie marathon, he acted as Louis Stevens in the memorable Disney Channel Original Series, Even Stevens. 

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People fell in love with the loveable prankster as well as with the other cast members from the show, especially Beans! 

Anyways, we all know that Shia’s career took off! 

He starred in movies like Transformers, Holes, Disturbia, and recently he finished filming an indie flick, Peanut Butter Falcon (it sounds amazing, by the way!). He’s acted in many films—and grabbed many headlines for all the wrong reasons—since Even Stevens. 

He claims that Peanut Butter Falcon has changed his life, so let’s hope he starts to make headlines for all the right reasons again. 

Okay, enough about Shia. What has the rest of the cast been up to? Our video will reveal all of the juicy details!

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