Fans Fear Money Heist Season 4 Will Be The Last As Cast Share Emotional Farewells

Well that’s it, it’s the end. Bella Ciao.

Money Heist
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Money Heist

Season 4 of the phenomenal Money Heist will actually be the last if we are to believe these emotional Instagram posts from several members of the cast.

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Filming has ended

For the last few days, several actors from the series have been saying their final goodbyes to their characters and the series on social media. It seems this is the end to an adventure that kept us in suspense for so long. Actress Esther Acebo, who played Stockholm, expressed her love for the series in a photo of her and her loyal companion Denver with the following touching message:

‘After the chaos… silence. It’s official. I’ve finished shooting @lacasadepapel. Thank you to @jaimelorentelo for being on this amazing journey with me. THANK YOU to my whole family for this incredible adventure.’

Unfortunately, the beautiful blonde isn’t the only one to write such moving messages. Luka Peros who played Marseille also posted a photo on Instagram looking grief-stricken, with Darko Peric, Helsinki, with the simple ‘Boom Boom Ciao’ in the caption, a popular catchphrase from the third season.

Touching farewells

Pedro Alonso who played Berlin kept it simple and classy, just like his character, by posting a photo with the caption ‘Bye bye Berlin’. And then it was the famous Professor’s turn, Álvaro Morte, to say his farewell to his character and the whole series family by toasting them and all their fans.

‘I’m toasting everyone, the team […] and all of you who watched us across the planet. Thanks to all of you… Live long!’

We still have no concrete information about whether the fourth part of Money Heist will really be the final season - but we do know it's set to air on Netflix in January 2020, just four short months away. Could it really be the end or just the end for these particular characters? One thing is for sure, the 4th season is going to make us cry!

Take a look at the video above to see the emotional farewell posts for yourself!

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