Did the Simpsons predict coronavirus 28 years ago?

The Simpsons have predicted a fair amount of events from the future. So, is it true that they predicted the Coronavirus way back in 1993?

Did the Simpsons Predict Coronavirus 28 Years Ago?
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Did the Simpsons Predict Coronavirus 28 Years Ago?

In 2000, The Simpsons predicted the presidency of Donald Trump and since then people have been on the lookout for other possible future predictions from the show. Now, as the COVID pandemic as been ravaging the world, an image has been found on Twitter with what seems to beThe Simpsons' prediction of coronavirus.

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A fake prediction Twitter

Did The Simpsons predict coronavirus?

As we can see the image above couldn't have been more fabricated. However, the prediction lies in the episode itself. While the virus doesn't have the same name as our current pandemic in the episode, it still carries some interesting similarities.

In the episode entitled 'Marge in Chains' which aired in 1993, a virus is started by the government to keep the masses under control. The virus called 'Osaka Fever' started in Japan with a factory worker stating to his co-worker 'please don't tell the supervisor I have the flu'. the worker then sneezes into a box which gets shipped to America. Homer receives a package as well as Skinners, Patty and Selma. Upon opening, they all get infected and the virus spreads like fire throughout Springfield.

The episode wasn't entirely correct

The episode is pure coincidence but just like Osaka Fever, the coronavirus started in Asia where it made its way internationally. However, unlike the episode, this epidemic started off in China and was spread mainly through airborne germs, mass immigration and air travel and not by packages that can take up to six weeks to reach their destination. An important thing to note though is the imagery of the factory workers, which shows a similarity to the influence the Coronavirus has had on the economy.

Notably, in the episode the spores of the virus were as big as marbles, of course, that's just a dramatisation but we can imagine if the virus were that easy to see, we'd be much better at avoiding it. 'Marge in Chains' also featured an angry mob demanding a vaccine for the outbreak which does sound familiar. Although, the mob then busts open a crate thinking it contains the vaccine but really it's a crate full of killer bees. The point is we should always take these predictions with just a pinch of salt.

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