Your Plane Journeys Could Be Twice As Fast By 2023 Thanks To The New Concorde

Travelling by plane has its advantages, but it can take a while and be uncomfortable if you’re wanting to change continents. By 2023, it will be possible to make these journeys at twice the speed.

Crossing the Atlantic in 3.5 hours was possible with the Concorde, but one crash called everything into question and we decided to go back to classic planes. The American company Boom has predicted that the era of supersonic travel will return by 2023 with the Concorde’s little brother. More efficient, cheaper and above all, safer.

Five airline companies have already placed orders for no less than 76 aircrafts, which is further proof that this type of travel is expected soon. And a ticket would roughly cost the same as a journey in first class nowadays. Although we expected this price to be higher, there is still a budget to keep in mind and not everyone will be able to afford travelling in this type of plane very often.

‘Airlines are excited for something new and different to offer their passengers, and we’re thrilled that major world airlines share our vision for a future of faster, more accessible supersonic travel,’ said Black Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom.

Did someone say breakfast in London and lunch in New York on the same day? 23 years after the first Concorde flight, it’s successor could finally be launched…

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