This Boeing 787 Is the Most Luxurious Plane on the Planet

This is the one and only private Boeing 787 on Earth. And we can safely say that this is by far the most lush interior we have ever laid our eyes on.

airplane expensive
© deerJET
airplane expensive

It’s a commercial airliner transformed into private jet for the rich. This Boeing 787 – affectionately named “Dreamliner” – conceived and owned by the company Deer Jet was unveiled at the Dubai Airshow, an event taking place in the UAE.

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According to their official website, the plane provides:

  • Carbon fibre composition for a lighter body and efficient oil consumption, allowing for more pleasant flight experiences
  • 220 sq m. of spacious cabin room with an ideal layout for privacy and comfort
  • A unique holistic approach to noise quality that makes the cabin environment as quiet as ground conditions
  • Smooth ride technology that senses and counters turbulences, reducing motion discomfort to the maximum
  • Bacterial removal and dust filtering systems for cleaner and healthier cabin air

What is it capable of? Glad you asked! It can host a total of 16 people in its 18 seats/beds. Even with a full house, this plane is able to welcome them all with plenty of room to spare, as just the living room measures 2500 square feet! And just in case you need to go and spend a penny, you can do so in style in the marble lavatory. Surely on a plane with this magnitude of class, the drinks would be free, right?

Check out the video above for a peek inside the most luxurious plane on earth!

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