This Is The World's Most Dangerous Crossroad

This Is The World's Most Dangerous Crossroad

It's probably one of the most dangerous intersections in the world. The reason? Traffic signals or road signs are simply... absent.

Most of the time, each country has its own traffic laws. When we go on vacation in these places, we must adapt to local methods, but it is sometimes more complicated in some destinations than others...

The axis of hell

Located in the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, this hub is known to be among the most chaotic in the world. Though thousands of cars use it every day, one still wonders how motorists manage to get by just as well without traffic lights or stop signs.

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No rules

The least we can say is that everyone is going in all directions! Nobody keeps in their lane, everyone goes when they want and some cars even drive in the wrong direction. We get cold sweats just by looking at these images, we really do not want to drive on this road. Most surprising is that the traffic remains relatively fluid. People seem to be used to it and are pretty good at avoiding crashes.

When we see this we can finally say that driving in London and in many large cities with heavy traffic is not so terrible. We can find much more chaotic but all you need to do is just keep calm while driving.

Oliver Davis
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