This Is The Largest Instrument In The World And It's Been Playing The Same Music Since 2005

Zadar, Croatia's coastal city, attracts thousands of tourists every year. Since 2005, many of them want to go there for one reason: the city is home to the only marine organ in the world.

Zadar, in Croatia on the Dalmatian Coast, is a peaceful city where life is good. The sea, the sun, or the beautiful landscapes, everything it has to offer means you will have a good time. And for a little over a decade, an additional ingredient has been added to the list of things to do and see. It is a marine organ.

Music thanks to the strength of the waves

Invented and designed by a local architect, Nikola Basic, this instrument that is unique in the world produces music according to the strength of the sea’s waves that flushes air into pipes installed under steps, thus producing harmonious sounds. The building takes the form of a pierced staircase down to the sea.

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Tourists are fond of it

Harmonious, yes, because the organ has been tuned by a music teacher to create a delicate sound. The instrument is 70 metres long and lets in the waves of the Adriatic Sea to produce its sweet melody. The locals and visitors settle down quietly and can listen to this music that resonates throughout the year since 2005. A real attraction for tourists who are often surprised but still happy to be able to hear the sound of mermaids...

Oliver Davis
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