Inside The 'Fantasies Island' Which Allows Your Wildest Dreams Run Free

On this heavenly island, adults over the age of 21 have the opportunity to live out their wildest fantasies during a luxury holiday in which clothes, are optional…

In the region of Belize on the coast of central America is a destination dedicated entirely to luxury and the pleasures of the senses. Organised by the company Naughty Nawlins, this trip to the end of the world invites those who participate to live out their wildest fantasy between consenting adults, all in a dream tropical resort.

A fun-filled holiday

For one whole week, the 48 participants can live on the island in a state of complete nakedness, eat what they want, drink what they want and indulge in the craziest desires, without the slightest taboo. Among the activities offered in this all-inclusive trip is: snorkelling; scuba diving; fishing; sailing; and kayaking are included on the programme. The more prudish participants can also go on the trip if they prefer to stay fully clothed.

The five-star resort offers luxurious accommodation is spread between nine standard cabanas, five “suite” style cabanas and four “superior suite” style cabanas with balconies that overlook the bluest waters of the Caribbean Sea. If you’re interested in this cheeky little excursion, you can expect to pay between £4,200 and £4,800.

The Inhabitants Of This Island Could Soon Travel Through Time The Inhabitants Of This Island Could Soon Travel Through Time