Transport For London is considering making public transport free!

Transport for London is considering is undertaking talk and decisions on whether to make public transport in order to aid local businesses.

Transport For London is considering making public transport free!
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Transport For London is considering making public transport free!

Coronavirus has had countless knock-on effects on small businesses and it's to be expected. More and more people have been stuck at home working and spending their money online leaving less and less to venture into town.

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Lockdown restrictions have been easing in many parts of the country but so many people are still choosing to work from home. This also means fewer people are going out for lunch or for a quick drink after work. Not to mention nobody wants to take the bus or the subway. After all, it could be rather dangerous.

But, in order to remedy the loss of money flowing into the busy business districts Transport for London is considering a very exciting solution...Making public transport free.

TfL has noticed that the amount of people taking public transport has dropped dramatically and are thinking up ways to urge more people to hop back on the bus, tube or train.

This, of course, will have an effect for businesses around London as more people with free access to the city which means more people around to support businesses. A Tfl Spokesperson told the London Evening Standard that there were a number of solutions being explored:

This is one of a number of options that are being considered to help encourage people back into central London in the coming months. No final decisions have been made and any option would need to be delivered with government support, and agreed with them as part of ongoing discussions about our finances.

The spokesperson continued to reassure readers that public transport is safe to take and is 'cleaner than ever before':

More customers are now returning to public transport and we are seeing steady growth every day. We are delivering a near full tube, bus and rail service and the network is cleaner than ever before.

Commuters Take Offense At New Dettol Ad

However, it may not be the cleanliness of public transport but the new Dettol adverts that have been scaring people off. Dettol has recently released a new advert in subway stations across London which has left viewers completely bewildered.

The advert promotes returning to the office and selling public transport as 'an hour to yourself'. Of course if people need more hand sanitiser it would only be good for Dettol. Still, many have made comments over Twitter about the ad claiming it was 'desperate' and 'self-absorbed'. One person stated:

omg they are gagging for us to return back to the office. “second family”?

Another user chimed in:

...Do they really think people are being sentimental about office work?! That whole "second family" thing reeks of desperation. Also, "not having to make lunch?" Oh please, I haven't gone out for a work lunch since like 2006. Cooking at home is way cheaper.

Discounted Travel for Many Londoners

If TfL decides to stray away from the revolutionary action of making public transport free there are still some ways you can claim discounts on your travel.

The Transport for London website has a whole page dedicated top which residents are eligible for free or discounted travel costs and they're not all that exclusive.

Senior citizens and students are still entitled to their discounted travel but for all those who have been left without a job due to lockdown or otherwise can claim a bus and tram discount photo card.

Face masks to remain compulsory on London public transport Face masks to remain compulsory on London public transport