This Woman Will Stop At Nothing To Like Her Idol Barbie

This Woman Will Stop At Nothing To Like Her Idol Barbie

An impressive transformation.

During the sweetest and most innocent parts of our childhood, we all had those heroes who we wanted to look like at any cost. Andrea Ivanova is a young Bulgarian woman whose heroine must apparently have been Barbie, the world-famous doll that has been sold by Mattel since 1959. Normally with long blonde hair, the Barbie doll has been, over the years, distributed in several models such as Barbie Ponytail, Fashion Queen and even American Girl.

I’m a Barbie Girl

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In order to look like her idol, Andrea Ivanova will stop at nothing and won’t let anyone get in her way. In total, the young woman has undergone around fifteen procedures. A lifestyle choice that she completely owns.

‘Since I was little, I loved Barbie and dreamed about looking like her one day. I did maybe over 15 procedures since then [2018]. I didn’t count them, maybe there are more. Everyone has the right to live and look as they want, it is not necessary for everyone to fit to a standard imposed by other people. It is a personal choice and I have never been afraid to express it!’

Check out the video above to see more of how Andrea has changed! 

Anna Wilkins
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