After Losing Over 17 Stone, This Woman Hates Her New Body

Amber Forril from America may have lost over 17 stone, but her problems don’t end there. She has launched a crowdfunding campaign that could allow her to get her excess skin removed.

After years of problems associated with obesity, Amber Forril decided to go on a diet on which she managed to lose 17 stone. Immediately afterwards, she had an operation to lose even more weight. It has now been over a year since this weight loss, and her weight is stable.

But the woman who works as a pizza delivery woman is still self-conscious about her skin, ‘disgusted’ even. She therefore decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise 30,000 dollars so she could get her excess skin removed.

She took to Facebook to share her story.

‘I know I should be proud and happy that I am finally at my goal weight but when I look in the mirror all I still see is the obese girl I used to be.’ Although her appearance has changed for some people, according to her, she feels so uncomfortable in her own body. This operation could allow her to finally become a new person and feel good in her own skin!

Take a look at the video above to see Amber's incredible transformation for yourself...

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