Mia Khalifa reveals another incredible body transformation

From the world’s most (in)famous adult film star to sports commentator to foodie to… fitness influencer! Mia Khalifa has stunned her fans by sharing her most recent transformation – which has seen some radical changes to her body shape over the course of just a few months…

Mia khalifa transformation
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Mia khalifa transformation

Mia Khalifa has sent her fans wild once again with yet another incredible body transformation. The former adult film star turned sports commentator and online influencer has been hitting the gym up to three times a day since December – and she’s now showing off the results to her followers!

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Mia shared three side-by-side snaps of herself in a sports bra and pants to her Instagram this week to show the mind-blowing differences that she’s made to her body through workouts over the last four months. Whilst her figure was already stunning, she’s clearly worked on defining her abs, biceps and legs.

Next to the photos, Mia wrote: ‘Dec. 1 - Jan. 1 - Feb. 1 - Mar. 1. I weighed 170 lbs 8 years ago, this does not come naturally to me. Which makes me even more proud of the progress! Just a reminder that we all have it in us to change habits, it starts one day at a time. ...sometimes two or three times a day.’

Mia has been posting more and more workout photos and videos to her Instagram feed since starting her new fitness drive at the start of last December. But she’s not given up her love of good food – as she’s often seen posting delicious meals out and dinners that chef fiancé Robert Sandberg has cooked.

However, Mia put the emphasis on working hard to feel good – without worrying about the number on a scale. When one of her followers asked her what she weighed, she responded: ‘bitch idk. I haven’t stepped on a scale since the one at my hotel in Vegas, and I’m pretty sure it was broken’.

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