These Are The Must-Have Foods To Boost Your Stamina In The Bedroom

To boost your stamina in the bedroom, you must first start with what you find in the kitchen! According to a study, diet is strongly correlated with sexual performance as well as libido. And we know exactly what you need to add to your date-night menu...

Several studies have shown that our diet has a significant effect on our stamina when it comes to getting busy. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition followed 50,000 men for 40 years and took note of their diets in order to establish whether a link existed with their sexual performance.

What they discovered is that certain foods actually stimulate desire thanks to their richness in antioxidants as well as the flavonoids that they contain.

We must, therefore, focus on fruits, tea and wine (just don't go too nuts, people!). A well-established superfood and a tasty sweet treat, blueberries are another thing to throw on the menu. These foods will ensure good blood circulation in all the right places so that both of you can focus on the more important things - like the actual love-making part. Oily fish such as sardines and mackerel will also improve blood circulation but, better yet, they help to promote the production of dopamine,better known asthe 'happiness hormone'!

Conversely, greasy dishes such as pizzas, burgers and cakes are to be avoided if you want to stay on top form between the sheets. Dense alcoholic beverages such as beer are also best to steer clear from.

And there you have it, all the ingredients to ensure a great night!

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