A Brand New Streaming Platform Made for Stoners Has Been Launched

‘A free and open platform that will guide you in your search for content when the search is most difficult.’ This is exactly the kind of help we need!

Netsplif is your new best friend for next time you're stoned and looking for something to watch! This video platform dedicated to people under the influence has found the perfect name to describe themselves. And those who don't understand the pun will probably not be interested in this kind of site…

‘Fascinate your altered mind’

‘A platform specifically dedicated to the consumption of content for after you have consumed something!’ This is Netsplif’s mission statement. The platform was officially launched on 4/20, considered by many to be Christmas for stoners.

The site offers several videos, grouped into different categories:

‘Munchies' for those who are a bit peckish, "Satisfying" for even more endorphins, "Curiosity" to fascinate your mind, "Documentaries" to discover new things… Make yourself comfortable, prepare anything you need, and get ready to go’
On this very special day... We are pleased to announce the launch of https://t.co/ovwXLzSpYb.
A platform especially dedicated to the consumption of content for after you’ve consumed something!
Happy 420 to all. Take care of yourself .

When checking out the platform, we quickly came across the brilliant parody ‘Too Many Cooks’ in the ‘Mind Blown’ category. Pretty much every Adult Swim video you love is here, so next time you decide to dim the lights and 'have a sandwich', you know exactly what to put on. No more mindlessly browsing Netflix for hours until you end up putting on the same series you always watch.

‘Netspliff is like your buddy next to you on the couch who tells you the best videos to watch according to your mood,’ explained the platform on Twitter. After checking it out, this seems to be exactly the case!

Competition for Netflix?

The American streaming platform Netflix (the real one) has even officially endorsed the launch of their new competitor, by relaying the press release on Twitter: ‘It’s mind-blowing,’ the streaming giant deadpanned.

The Netsplif team promise on their website, at the very bottom of their home page, that: ‘Ps: We're nothing like the guys who make La Casa de Papel, we had the idea first.’

This Streaming Platform Has 10x The Selection Of Netflix... For Free! This Streaming Platform Has 10x The Selection Of Netflix... For Free!