This couple discovered 28 gold bars in the garden, but the tax office got in touch

A couple made the find of a lifetime in their own garden at that! In total, the couple dug up 28 gold bars. But then the tax office got in touch...

This couple discovered 28 gold bars in the garden, but the tax office got in touch
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The French newspaper Le Progrès reports an astonishing incident: a couple found 28 gold bars in their garden. But unsuprisingly, a court decision forced them to hand over the treasure.

A house of their own

It all began in 2002, when the couple bought a house. Then, in 2009, they accidentally discovered six gold bars in their garden. Then, in 2013, the jackpot deepened: the couple dug up a whole 22 additional gold bars.

The change of lifestyle brought on by this sudden wealth triggered suspicions and envy. A police investigation ensued following their unusual financial transactions.

A treasure in your own garden Chris Clor@Getty Images

Finders keepers?

The couple tried to prove their innocence and claimed that they were the rightful owners of the treasure. But the previous owners of the house, of course, saw things quite differently. When they got wind of the find, they initiated proceedings against the couple in order to get the stash for themselves, claiming that the gold belonged to their grandfather.

The original owners were proven right in court. In total, the damage amounted to 800,000 euros (£694,000). The couple had to return the remaining five gold bars and pay the proceeds from the numerous gold sales amounting to 642,000 euros (£557,000) to the legally rightful owners.