Man accused of shop-lifting because of his love gun

A 46-year-old Brit was suspected of shoplifting. But the suspicious 'bulge' in his pants wasn't actually hiding anything other than... his penis.

Having a (very) large penis is not necessarily all sunshine and roses. At least that's what Steve Whitehurst, a 46-year-old English glazier, must have thought after the strange mishap he endured.

Accused of theft because of his penis

As British media The Sun explains in detail, Steve visited a Scotts Menswear store with his girlfriend Mandy Shenton and his 18-month-old grandson. There, he bought some 400 pounds of clothes.

But things suddenly took a turn for the worse when they went to pay for their goods: the store manager began to have a funny feeling, and started asking him a few indiscreet questions... about the bump in his pants.

There was a bulge, yes, but that's not illegal. This is how I was made.

'That's not illegal. This is how I was made.'

'The manager started assaulting me. She didn't want to let me go. I kept telling her it was my penis,' he continues. Faced with the manager's dogged insistence, Steve only saw one way out of this sticky solution:

Finally, I dropped my pants in front of everyone and I showed my briefs, saying that I had nothing to hide. But she kept at it, asking me 'What is this bump?'

As a last ditch solution, Steve had to go to a changing room to prove to a security guard that it was indeed his penis, and not a stolen item. 'It was so humiliating. What they did to Steve was disgusting,' laments his girlfriend Mandy. Following this episode, the couple decided to file a complaint against JD Sports, the group that owns the brand.

On their end, a spokesperson for JD Sports told The Sun:

The customer in question was displaying suspicious behaviour and, when the store manager confronted him, he became offensive (...) At no time did a colleague ask the customer to take off his clothes.
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