Experts say pollution is shrinking the size of your manhood

Medical experts are saying that traces of plastic pollution are decreasing the average size of people's manhood.

Pollution is shrinking the size of your manhood, according to experts
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Pollution is shrinking the size of your manhood, according to experts

A leading expert in the fields of environmentalism and epidemiology believes that industrial chemicals found in everyday products are causing men to be born with smaller penises, lower sperm counts and an array of sexual dysfunctions.

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Sexual problems due to pollution exposure

Dr. Shanna Swan has come out with a book that explains the correlation between plastic pollution and the waning size of the average human penis. The researcher has found that, phthalates, a group of chemicals found in everyday household products, such as, toys, detergents and personal care products, are responsible for negatively affecting how the hormone endocrine is produced.

Her findings also show that the effects of these disrupters could be passed on through breast milk which could affect babies still in the womb. This could result in not only sexual dysfunctions later on, but also lower IQs and premature births.

She explains that:

Babies are now entering the world already contaminated with chemicals because of the substances they absorb in the womb. We found a relationship between women's phthalate levels and their sexual satisfaction.

And also shares results found in other studies:

Researchers in China found that workers with higher levels of bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA, in their blood were more likely to have sexual problems, including decreased desire.

This can also affect teenagers

The study Dr. Swan worked on found that baby boys that had been exposed to four different types of phthalates during their first trimester had shorter anogenital distance (ADG), which is the distance between the midpoint of the anus and the penis. Dr. Swan said:

Scientists have recognized its importance for a long time. Our work has shown that chemicals, including the diethylhexyl phthalate, shorten the AGD in males.

And most concerning of all is that these chemicals not only affect foetuses but can also have repercussions on teenagers as well. Ultimately, research has found that the penises of men who have been exposed to high levels of these toxic chemicals we up to 12.5 % shorter and 6.3% thinner than the average man's.

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