He Went From Scrawny "Toothpick" To Brawny Bodybuilder: Meet The Real-Life Hulk

Craig Golias is ginormous! He has about 418,000 followers and quite the transformation story. Craig was very thin as a teenager until he decided to change his life by transforming his body. His current body stats speak for themselves: 1m91 and 160 kg of muscle.

He Went From Scrawny "Toothpick"
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He Went From Scrawny "Toothpick"

Craig Golias' story is unusual. Being naturally thin, he was self-conscious about his weight and physical appearance. Indeed, he was 1m91 tall and weighed just 68 kg. So, he decided to take control of the situation.

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Amazing muscle gain

Craig, who's passionate about bodybuilding and weightlifting, started bodybuilding to look like those buff guys he saw in magazines. With his starting weight of 68kg, it was very easy for him to gain fat and muscle mass.

I was a toothpick in high school and didn’t work out at all. Then I just woke up one day and decided that I wanted some muscles [and] before I knew it, I just got obsessed. Going from 68 kg to 160 kg, that is quite a change. It’s drastic.

To reach his goal, Craig Golias started working out for at least a couple of hours, 5 to 6 days a week. On top of that, he eats 5 big meals a day.

An extremely high-protein diet

To significantly increase the size of his muscles, Craig, aka Goliath, says that he got his body through hard work alone. His bulking secrets: juice, white rice, and meat. To maintain his weight of 160 kg, he has to follow a very strict diet that consists of complex carbs, sugar and large amounts of protein.

In addition, to boost his performance and improve his appearance, Craig Golias uses steroids. He considers that steroid use isn't dangerous, as long as it's done correctly. He told the New York Post:

I feel like there’s nothing wrong with steroids, considering how old you are. If you’re not abusing it, then you’re using it for the right reasons. It’s very common for bodybuilding.

However, he's aware of the fact that maintaining a body like his takes constant work and admits that he won't be able to keep it up for the rest of his life: "The negatives about being 350lbs of muscle? I’d say trying to tie your shoelaces, taking a shower, going upstairs – just certain things like that. They do add up. It’s 24 hours a day, so if you’re not eating, you’re sleeping, if you’re not sleeping, you’re training, if you’re not training, you’re eating more. There’s always something. I’d like to stay this big for at least the next five years, though. That would be great."

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