These Are The 4 Key Areas To Train For An (Almost) Perfect Physique

For a man, some places on your body need to be worked on more than others when you work out. Even though there are different body shapes and sizes, these are the four best places to train to get in your best shape.

Perfect body
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Perfect body

Perfection doesn’t exist, we all know it. The meaning of a perfect body is therefore only an illusion, especially since it depends on how you look and how often you work out. Body shapes and sizes can differ but there are nevertheless four parts of your body that men should be training for their best bod.

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A slim waist

It is not just women that think they should have an hourglass figure, it’s men as well. Therefore, it is easy to see who takes care of their body and who doesn’t, since fat in men often collects around the stomach and the hips. In addition, this would give you a wider shape in your upper body and make you look a lot bigger.

Broad shoulders

Referring back to width, the shoulders are what give men their stature and it is here and the back muscles that are responsible for the famous “V” shape. You should particularly be working on the deltoids if you are naturally big.

Massive pectorals

If you look in the mirror and notice you have wide shoulders and a good “V” shape, all is good. But if you turn sideways and you’re all flat, it can be quite disappointing. That is why it is important to have a powerful torso, especially since this often gives you a better posture instead of being hunched over all the time which is definitely less attractive.

Don’t forget leg day!

This is often an area that some people forget about and end up with chicken legs which is a fitness trainer’s biggest nightmare. Legs, and in particular the calves are one of the first things that people see when you’re wearing shorts so stop lifting weights and start doing some squats! This will also stop you looking like a guy who doesn’t understand anything about his body and keep in mind that a lot of women like nice legs, but it’s up to you to put the work in.

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