The Space Plane: An Experience From Another Galaxy!

Welcome to the heart of an intergalactic journey. Embark on the aircraft of the future, fully customized to give you live a unique experience.

The Space Plane: An Experience From Another Galaxy!
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Do you love sci-fi movies and have you always dreamed of taking a trip to space? No need to leave the homeland thanks to the Space Plane! The interior of the aircraft is fully lined with bright LEDs that mimic real outer space decor.

A unique experience:

The "passengers" take their place in the aircraft and settle down. Then, a "hostess" gives them instructions, and the trip can begin! Lights of all colours, reproductions of the stars of the Milky Way on the ceiling, shooting stars raining down... Everything is planned to take you into the heart of Space.

All senses alert:

For several minutes, people are immersed, as if transported to another galaxy. And in addition to lights of all colours, music is also planned to completely disconnect you from reality. We would almost expect to see extraterrestrials coming out of the walls at anytime!

This is the kind of experience that doesn't come up every day, and is definitely worth a visit at least once!