These Two Fishermen Are Going Viral After Doing Something Unforgivable

These Two Fishermen Are Going Viral After Doing Something Unforgivable

Viewer discretion is advised! Human cruelty seems to have no bounds and this is proven by this video that has outraged social network users.

A recording of two fishermen mutilating a shark that had fallen into their nets has recently spread like wildfire online. In addition to this cruel act, they both decided to record the scene and make fun of the animal.

Nature can be cruel, and usually, the strongest survive. In this case, the sharks are in a very good position, as they are at the top of the food chain, although sometimes we see them get devoured by giant fish or mutilated by humans, like in this case.

In short, not even the strongest's survival is assured, especially if they fall into the hands of human beings, who demonstrate day after day that they can commit the most cruel of crimes against nature.

Thanks to Instagram, we have seen how two men captured a shark specimen, just for fun, to cut off its tail, and release it half-dead. This is an instance of animal abuse!

"Once again, I am speechless at the commercial fishing community and their lack of respect for #marinelife" wrote the Oceans Keepers account that shared the images.

The indignation of most Instagram users was overwhelming, to the point where the images of these two fishermen went viral on social networks, so that everyone could see the kind of people they are.

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Source: The Truth

Image: @oceanskeepers - Instagram

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