Tinder has launched face to face video dating

Here is a new feature that Tinder users might like. The dating app is launching Face to Face which will allow you to video chat with your matches!

Meeting people is not easy, but during the coronavirus pandemic, it's even harder! Since many countries are now going into lockdown once again, the situation does not seem likely to improve anytime soon for those who are single. Nevertheless, here's something that should put a smile back on the faces of those who use the Tinder dating app. The app has decided to launch a new feature called Face to Face, which allows you to video chat with your matches. This is sure to be something to keep you busy during the long evenings ahead!

How does it work?

The feature is not that complicated to use, and it works in the Tinder app. Don't worry, this feature cannot be activated without your consent. You will have to activate it yourself, so make sure you have the latest version! Once you have agreed to set up Face to Face, you will only be able to use it with people who have also activated the feature, and with whom you have matched.

When you make a call, your screen will be split into two squares in which you can see yourself and the person you matched with. Tinder is very proud of this new feature!

Bernadette Morgan, Senior Product Manager with Tinder's Trust and Security Team, explained:

We intentionally made this split screen so that you know exactly what you look like on the other person's phone, so that you feel a little more comfortable.

In terms of confidentiality, Tinder ensures that calls will not be recorded.

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