This Brit who decided to marry herself is already running into problems...

The nightmare of most people would be seeing our companion cheating on us. But it’s hard to cheat when you’re married… to yourself!

Two years ago, Sophie Tanner decided to marry herself. But as expected, as with all relationships, there are ups and down. And after living with herself, which unfolded under the best auspices, the young woman finally gave in to temptation by having a relationship with a man.

A life-long commitment

A breach of the marriage contract that has now made her think that she is guilty of cheating on herself. The man in question? Ruari Barrett, a polygamist, who has also gone back on principles by having a monogamous relationship with Sophie for 5 months. But despite this little slip-up, the 38-year-old English woman doesn’t currently have any plans to divorce herself.

As she explained on This Morning, on ITV, Sophie Tanner married herself in 2015 for better or for worse and to get closer to herself and improve her self-esteem.

The young woman explained For me, this means that I am committed to myself and that I can make myself happy without needing anyone else to make me feel happy. This does not mean that you reject all the other relationships in your life and become a nun for the rest of your life. You just get rid of all the negative relationships.

I never get bored by myself

'Marrying yourself is a life-commitment to being responsible for your own happiness, so divorce is not an option,' concluded this Brighton resident who wholly embraces her 'sologamy.'

I understood that I didn’t want to live with someone else, always having to juggle their expectation. Its delightful to wake up and to not have to manage someone else’s problems. I feel more attractive, more attentive. I discovered that I never get bored by myself.
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