Here's how long women really want you to last in bed

We finally know how long women think you should ideally be lasting during sex thanks to a study carried out by the Australian company Prolong.

Do you consider yourself a marathon lover or more of a two-minute miracle? This study conducted by Prolong shows just how long women really want you to last between the sheets.

How long should men last in bed?

Two minutes is considered to be much too quick, but a whole half-hour of romping could be more exhausting than exciting. So how long does the ideal session last for women? 16 mins 7 seconds is how long (on average) is necessary to be able to satisfy your sweetheart. The study carried out by Prolong tells us that for women between the ages of 36 and 44 especially, you should be lasting around 16 mins 12 seconds in comparison to 17 mins 30 seconds for those who were between 45 and 54 years old.

But it's not just how long you last that matters

In 78% of cases, women claim that they pay as much attention to the quality of the relationship as the time that the man lasts in bed (so you can definitely make up for it by applying yourself!). Not to mention a preference for duration largely depends on the person. So, as long as you leave your woman satisfied then there's no problem! (If you need any help we suggest using the 6 minute rule)

But another study carried out by the company Viagra showed how long 500 men lasted in bed and in 55% of cases, the deed was done at around 11 minutes. Only a quarter of participants in the study managed to last for longer than 12 minutes. The quickest, forming 22% of those who took part, climaxed between 0 and 3 minutes after they had started.

But don't worry, there are many methods you can use to last a little longer in bed, like edging. Otherwise, if you do manage to finish before your partner, there are many other ways to ensure that they still have a good time.

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