Jeff Bezos makes the average person's lifetime salary in mere seconds

There are extremely little chances you will ever come close to a fraction of Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos' insane wealth. And to imagine how much we could achieve for the planet with this amount of money makes us wonder, should centi-billionaires even exist?

Jeff Bezos makes the average person's lifetime salary in mere seconds
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Jeff Bezos makes the average person's lifetime salary in mere seconds

While most of us are struggling to keep afloat amid corona's rampage on our economy, this hasn't –in the least bit – affected Jeff Bezos. In fact, the sanitary crisis has only helped him in becoming even richer. The same can be said about Tesla's Elon Musk and Microsoft's Bill Gates.

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How much has corona helped him in getting richer?

As social distancing measures and lockdowns become our strongest defence against the virus, we've also adapted our consumerism to become almost exclusively digital. The result of this behaviour is reflected in a study conducted by WatchPilot in which statistics collected over the course of the pandemic revealed the entrepreneur to have amassed over £10 billion in a single day totalling his net worth to be over £200 billion.

This makes Jeff Bezos officially the richest person in the history of humanity. To put these numbers into greater perspective, it is estimated that the billionaire makes the equivalent of a man's entire life earnings, which is set at £643,000, in 5.56 seconds. If you're a woman however, then the gender wage gap that is very much still alive these days would mean that Bezos earns your lifetime salary, estimated to be at around £380,000, in 3.2 seconds.

What could he do with that much money instead?

Imagine making that much money in the time that it would take you to pour yourself a glass of water. Yep, we can't imagine that either. If we use the collected data by the study to crunch even more numbers, this would mean that it would take Bezos no more than a minute to pay for three million school meals in the UK right now and just under 24 hours to secure every single person in the country with a coronavirus test kit which is selling privately at £149 per person.

Here's hoping they start feeling a little more generous in the months to come.

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