007: What Makes Daniel Craig's Bond The Best Ever

With the release date for No Time To Die closing in, and the looming finale for one of the 007 franchise's most iconic and beloved actors, we wanted to share why we think Daniel Craig's James Bond is simply the best, ever.

Skyfall (2012)
© Columbia Pictures
Skyfall (2012)

While the matter of who played this iconic character the best is a hot debate, we have to state, simply, that Daniel Craig takes the cake. Of course, depending on your age and when you grew up, you may have jaded opinions on who played the best bond.

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Whether it's Sean Connery with his iconic accent and cool ways, Roger Moore's smooth talk or Pierce Brosnan's action-heavy scenes there is no doubt that there have been some incredible actors who brought the Bond character to life throughout the years.

But no one has left people wanting more as much as Daniel Craig has. Daniel had teased us after the release of 2015's spectre that he was finished with his role as the suave Brit spy, even stating that he'd "rather slash his wrists" than reprise the role once more.

Well, we're lucky that he changed his mind and as far as we know he has approached his last Bond film with passion and integrity saying: "I think this is it. I just want to go out on a high note. I can't wait,". Neither can we, Daniel!

While his road has been a long and tiring one, Daniel Craig's James Bond has undoubtedly been one of the best, ever. Despite the obvious advantages this current generation Bond has, with the gradual improvement of production technology that provides bigger bangs, more exciting scenes and captivating stunts, Daniel Craig has also brought something else to this iconic character no one has ever really brought. Realism.

Traditionally, actors and directors have portrayed the Bond character as over the top and a little exaggerated, whether with his fancy gadgets, excessive flirting or cheesy looks. However, Craig brings a sort of everyman side to the role we all seem to be able to relate too.

As we've seen in the progression of his character, we know he's definitely got wit and charm, but there's also something we see in ourselves, or at least want to see. He put's up a hard shell, but he has a heart. He will do just about anything in his power to protect the people he cares about, and that's something we'd all like to think we'd do, right?

He also seems a little tired... and aren't we all? With the amount of sh**t this James has been through, it only makes sense that he's slowly been worn down. From heartbreak to literal ballbusting, to heartbreak again and not to mention the countless upon countless amount of times someone has tried to shoot, stab, beat, drown, strangle, poison or mentally torture him there are thousands of reasons why he might be filling a little tired. And this is definitely something we can all relate to...

Ok, maybe not so much the people trying to kill us part, but we definitely all feel a little run down from life sometimes, but watching Bond do it over again and come back time after time, seems to give us a little bit more drive and will power to keep on going and persevere. After all, who's to say an old dog can't learn new tricks?

We're excited to see what No Time To Day has in store us as well as the final performance Daniel Craig has to offer. Check out our video to see some more reasons we things Craig's Bond is the best ever!

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