This Is Why A High Fat Diet Could Actually Help You Lose Weight

Bacon, cheese and butter don’t exactly have a very good reputation. These foods are supposedly too fatty and have to be removed from your diet plan if you want to lose weight. However, a diet that is rich in fatty foods can actually help you shift those extra pounds. You do still have to avoid one food group though...

Who wouldn’t love to be able to feast and know that the love handles that we’ve had our whole lives would finally disappear? According to a scientific paper, it’s actually possible. Let’s explain.

Kickstart your fat burn

If you want to lose weight but don’t want to avoid fatty foods, according to the German news source Focus, you should eat fatty and protein rich foods, but should definitely keep your hands off carbohydrates (the video will explain where this nutrient hides). Susan Masino explains that a high-fat diet with lots of carbohydrates encourages fat storage, whereas a high fat low-calorie diet encourages fat burning.

If you’re familiar with diets, you will know that the so-called Atkins diet also fulfils these criteria. According to the German source eatsmarter, your total calorie intake for this type of diet is made up by 45% fat and 40% protein. More studies have also proved that this concept works and that it is even better than low-fat diets. But how can this be true?

Keeping the cravings away

It may sound strange, but fatty foods are actually really effective, because they keep you feeling fuller for longer. As a result, you don’t get those cravings that you end up filling with sweets. Therefore, this means you can go the whole day eating less calories and so you lose weight.

Of course, there is still the question of whether there’s a catch to having a diet with too much fat in it. So far, it’s not really clear how healthy this type of diet really is. Your cholesterol levels don’t seem to be affected, but it is rather unlikely that your liver could sustain a diet that is so rich in fat like the Atkins diet. Therefore, if you have any doubts about your diet plan, ask your doctor who will surely provide you with help and advice on how to lose weight.

Furthermore, you can never go wrong with doing a bit of exercise that promotes fat burning. If you want to try it completely without doing sport or dieting, you can also try the so-called EMSCULPT-Method. We wish you good luck whatever you choose!

A Diet That’s Rich In Fat Could Actually Help You Lose Weight A Diet That’s Rich In Fat Could Actually Help You Lose Weight