Italy scraps quarantine for fully vaccinated Brits

Italy’s Health Minister has announced that fully vaccinated Brits with a negative COVID test will no longer have to quarantine upon arrival.

Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza took to Twitter yesterday to announce an end to the five-day quarantine for British arrivals.

Italy removes five-day quarantine for UK travellers

The Health Minister revealed that the changes would come into effect from the 31st of August. However, restrictions will remain for other non-EU countries.

From the 31st, UK travellers who wish to enter the popular spot quarantine-free will have to be both fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and supply a negative coronavirus test. Travellers’ negative PCR or antigen tests would need to have been taken within 48 hours of arrival and have their second dose administered at least 14 days prior.

The quarantine was initially imposed for British travellers on June 21st due to the threat of the Delta variant, which was spreading quickly through the nation.

Until the end of the month, anyone who has entered the UK in the past 14 days will need to provide a negative coronavirus test, self isolate for five days and then take a second negative test to be released from quarantine.

Italy remains on the UK’s amber list

Despite Italy’s move to end quarantine for British travellers, the country remains on the UK’s amber list, with no immediate plans to move.

This means that anyone who has travelled to Italy and is fully vaccinated will need to supply a negative coronavirus test taken up to three days before arrival in the UK. Travellers will then need to take another test either on arrival or up to two days after.

Anyone who is not fully vaccinated at least 14 days before their arrival into the UK will need to supply a negative COVID test and self-isolate for ten days. Two further coronavirus tests will also need to be taken on or before day two and on day eight.

Some people may also be allowed to end their self-isolation early through the test and release scheme.

US and EU vaccinated travellers could soon skip UK quarantine US and EU vaccinated travellers could soon skip UK quarantine